Youtube: Every Second an Hour of Video Is Uploaded

Every second, an hour of video is uploaded to YouTube. It’s starting to do a lot. To thank its users and promote its video service, Google has published a humorous mini-site: One Hour Per Second . The site evokes offbeat facts, in connection with the rapid growth of YouTube. We learn, for example, that in the space of 48 seconds of postings on YouTube, a bamboo plant living in optimal conditions grows 1.83 meters. It also picks up a number of the most popular videos . The animation is nice, and graphically successful.

We learn things that are totally useless, and therefore essential. Some are just factual information: Others relate directly to videos posted on YouTube: In the span of 4 minutes and 25 seconds uploaded to YouTube, a raging dancer burns 81,090 calories in a dance marathon (in reality, this is about eleven days). Published in 2006, the video is one of the most popular on YouTube: it has been viewed over 185 million times.

an Hour of Video Is Uploaded to Youtube


During the animation, we find several times the famous Nyan Cat , as well as an unlucky person who falls into a bottomless pit. It travels no less than 19,312 kilometers in 1 minute and 50 seconds of uploads. We also learn tips that are really useful for coffee aficionados in the Hungary Phone Number event of a generalized blackout for several years (afterwards, the risk is limited, and there are undoubtedly other techniques). youtube-cup YouTube ends (almost) on an ecological note. We learn that it takes 500 (real) years for a disposable diaper to finally biodegrade. This is actually the penultimate part of the animation. We let you discover the end. Discover the One Hour Per Second website. In 2011, Google’s turnover approached 38 billion dollars, or more than 29 billion euros. All this by offering the general public free services in general .

The Animation Is Nice

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If Google manages to create so much turnover over one year, it is above all thanks to advertising: it still represents 96% of the company’s income. The most represented sectors are finance and insurance (4 billion dollars), retailers (2.9 billion dollars), and tourism with 2.4 billion dollars. In an infographic, discover the companies that financed the most Google in 2011, and by sector. Overall, Lowe’s takes the top spot, with more than $59 million spent last year. These are American stores specializing in gardening and construction. Next are Amazon and The Home Depot, with $55 million and $50 million respectively spent on advertising through Google. Also find frequently used keywords and their costs, by economic sector.

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