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The internet giants, in fact, are already exploring this possibility. Google launched free movies with ads on YouTube a few years ago in the US and may now be exploring doing so on Google Play . Consumers are receptive to the idea, as a study has just shown. As a study by Integral Ad Science has just shown, more and more consumers have access to media to access content on demand, but also more who are receptive to the idea of ​​seeing ads in exchange for not paying for the content. 76% of consumers, according to the study’s conclusions, are willing to see ads while accessing content, as long as that content is free and therefore they do not have to pay for it.

And with more and more consumers becoming overwhelmed by the pay market but still wanting to access VoD content, this could become Philippines phone number an emerging idea. In fact, according to data from the study, 88% of consumers already have access to connected television and 83% already pay for at least one content access system. On average, they tend to have 3 paid services, a fact that makes it unsurprising that subscription fatigue is also growing. Not any ad Of course, in this VoD alternative with ads, brands cannot simply serve advertising.

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They must measure very well what they do and how. 55% of consumers say that ads should be with high quality content. That is, the advertising strategy must be taken care of in detail. The study is not the first to point in this direction. One of The Trade Desk already pointed out, as they remember in Marketing Dive , that consumers were willing to see ads if this lowered the price rates of their VoD subscriptions. Instead of paying a higher figure, they wanted lower prices and ads during viewing. The industry is also starting to go in that direction.

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In addition to google’s moves, us television giants are beginning to. Operate with that premise in mind and are investing in ad-supported. Not subscription-based, vod systems that they hope will find their place in the market. Datacentric databases of companies no. 1 in the market updated. Data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. Access now cef.- digital marketing courses social networks, web analytics, seo and sem. Creation of web pages with wordpress · what course do you need? In the united states, there are several. Systems that allow access to streaming content with ads.

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Hulu, in fact, offers a version, the cheapest, in which for a much lower price than its competitors it gives access to its content by adding ads. Other services, such as IMbD, work directly on a free basis, basing their income simply on advertising. The format has been seen as a potential solution to enter the video-on-demand market, already very saturated, bypassing the fatigue of subscriptions that consumers are beginning to show. Some giants, like Google, have also experimented with the idea. A year ago, Google started serving free movies on YouTube, but supported by ads .

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