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Like many of us, it’s been a rollercoaster of the year. In early 2020, I broke my finger, which kept me from typing for a few weeks. As someone who’s always on a computer, trying to type with one hand can be very frustrating. Luckily, I have a great team that tolerates me in a lot of meetings. Who can take over for me? Typing with one hand is not efficient!

My sweet dog Montana was previously diagnosed with a brain tumor. We commute to and from middle Tennessee and Atlanta for treatment, and I think we’re clear. Sadly, a few months later her seizures started with a new brain tumor and we lost her in the spring. This is overwhelming for me. She was such an important part of my adult life that I really struggled with her passing and was devastated.

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Until the world changes, I will forever cherish a family reunion in Florida. This will be the last time I see my grandfather in person, as he tragically passed away in the fall. He was a great role model Bangladesh Whatsapp Number List in my life and I really miss him. Combined with the death of another relative and changes in the healthcare needs of another relative, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Work became my escape from reality, and last year I had a lot more work than I planned.

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I donate to koalas in Australia, pet search and rescue after the Beirut bombing, animal rescues in California’s wildfires, programs at our local zoo, some minority women’s businesses in third world countries, and others I’ve spoken to. While I wasn’t ready to adopt a new dog, we decided to become pet parents of Beagles through a local organization. I’m not really sure what happened, but we’re still with her four months later, so I guess she’s part of our family now. While I had hoped to devote more time to local organizations, it didn’t work out.

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