You Will Accept Payments

Narrow down payment solutions that are convenient for both your customers and you. You can accept payments via Paypal or Stripe on your website. You might also consider using Square to accept card payments in person. Start-up costs can be very low when starting your dog treat business, especially if you start working from your own home. Here are some supplies and expenses you need to consider. Compare features and fees to find the best payment method for your business.

What supplies Do I Need?

Remember, you can start with baking ingredients you already have at home. Things like flour, eggs, cinnamon, and oil. Start planning which flavors you’ll add, whether it’s pumpkin puree or bacon bits, for a tastier dog treat.

Do some extensive research to see which ingredients are safe for dogs and which ones you should avoid altogether. You Cambodia WhatsApp Number List might even want to stick with certain types of brands or product versions. For example, gourmet dog treat brands that include peanut butter flavors often include all-natural peanut butter with no added ingredients.

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Baking Supplies

Consider buying some of these items in bulk from warehouse stores like Costco, or ordering online so you have enough stock to prepare batches of dog treats. Baking Tools. You’ll need baking tools like cookie sheets, cooling racks, mini muffin tins (for making puppy cakes), mini donut pans, mixing bowls, measuring cups and a variety of cookie cutters to start baking your treats. I also use my KitchenAid mixer many times because it speeds up the baking process, which will save you money in the long run!

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