Windows 8: the Features of Microsoft’s Next Os

A few months before the official launch of Windows. We know some of the features of the next operating system. Microsoft disseminates information from time to time, so as to maintain the impatience of users. The Developer Preview has been available since last September, and the public beta should be released next February. The following infographic describes very simply the main changes that the next version should bring. Among the new features. There is a feature that has been available for a long time on Linux distributions: it is a live version of Windows (to be launched from a USB key for example), Windows To Go, which will contain the operating system, the user’s programs and personal files if desired.

A Few Months Before the Official Launch


Another characteristic, the next Windows will be designed for all terminals, whether it is a PC, a tablet or a telephone, which should improve synchronization Luxembourg Phone Number between devices. This also induces a profound graphic change: it is the Metro style of the user interface, in order to adapt to the world of touch. Tablet and mobile users will no doubt see their user experience improve, but what about Windows 7 regulars on PCs? Some have already had trouble switching from the appearance of Windows XP to Seven, it will be interesting to assess their feelings when Windows 8 is released. In an infographic, discover the other new features brought by the new version.  Like Digg a few years ago, this site is the gateway to many fans of offbeat images and information.

Among the New Features

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