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Psychologists have done an experiment before. They did two adverts for a restaurant in boston. Would you like to have dinner? Consider boston restaurant! Would you like to have a meal. Consider boston xx restaurant. Then send these two programs to two groups. Of local residents to watch, and test which advertisement is more impressive. And trigger dissemination South Korea Phone Number and sharing. The results showed that residents who read the first group of copywriting. Had a 20% higher transmission rate than. Those who read the second group. Yes, the frequency of the inducement must match. The overall “stimulation intensity” of the product. In order to achieve the best effect. If you blindly pursue “high frequency”, the intensity of stimulation will eventually be diluted.

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To the attributes of the category and the scale of the brand. The limit of this article will not be discussed here. In short, as much as you have. The ability to do as much work. If a concept is meant to represent everything, it will probably end up South Korea Phone Number representing nothing. Speaking of this, i suddenly remembered. A job seeker in “it’s you”, showing a logo that took him three years. To design: yes, just two letter “fs” back to back. And this logo is not an ordinary logo. Because behind it, there is a profound cultural. Connotation.in english, “f” can represent: non-government. Non-profit, friendly, fun, fair, free, free, room fee, forest.there are more than 100 beautiful meanings.

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South korea phone number list
South korea phone number list

Well, all the in the world are his. I didn’t watch this show, and i don’t know what happened in the middle of it, but it still surprised me that he was hired in the end. And it’s a marketing plan. Many netizens are questioning his ability. But i think: “talents” with this South Korea Phone Number kind of concept, go to ordinary companies, they are actually qu cai. Because almost no company has. The scale of business to satisfy his appetite.perhaps, he should directly enter the world’s. Largest and most devout religious organization. So as to have the opportunity to show people. His “broad and profound” cultural connotation.

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