Why do your partners always expect the company to die?

When another entrepreneurial friend mentioned this to me, I didn’t know how to comfort him.

It can only be say that this is the most normal way to die for a startup company.

The fastest way to destroy a company is often a “partner”

In the past few years, because I have been working as Party B, I have often come into contact with some large and small companies, and have had in-depth contacts with some companies. I have also seen the ups and downs of many startups, life and death.

Regarding the life and death of partnership startups, I find a very interesting phenomenon – the company’s products do not die, and the funds are cut off. On the contrary, most of them die because of partner conflicts.

I remember that on the eve of opening my first company, a senior investor sharply reminded me:

The most frightening thing is that such people often Afghanistan Phone Number transfer these anxiety to other partners, believing that the inadequacy of other partners is caused. When they face a problem, their first reaction is to complain, to blame, and to firmly believe that the company is dying.

Then, under his “hope”, the company really died. Excluding the wrong direction of entrepreneurship, 99% of entrepreneurial failures are lost to people.

Analysis from a psychological point of view: Why do your partners always look forward to the death of the company?

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From a psychological point of view, such partners have the phenomenon of “irrational beliefs”. “The company is hopeless?”, “The company is going bankrupt,” and “I’m really unlucky.” These thoughts belong to the “overgeneralization” and “extremely bad” ideas of “irrational beliefs” that are very common in psychology. Performance. This is an irrational, extremely negative thinking behavior.

For example, when faced with the problem of “the company’s customers in February are 1/2 less than in January”, a reasonable belief should be “the company’s customers have decreased, should we improve in some areas so as to retain customers?” Stability and Growth”.

A good partner might immediately make some salvage moves that will help the company avoid the same problem next month; a bad partner will be engross in the idea that the company is going to fail and become more anxious the more they think about it.

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