Who Are Anonymous?

We’ve been hearing a lot about Anonymous in recent months, whether for their role in the Arab Spring or for the recent events surrounding the closure of Mega Upload . These hacktivists multiply the actions punch to give weight to their claims . But who are they really? Behind the shocking symbol and slogan “ We are Anonymous.  We do not forget. Expect us “, it is above all about thousands of anonymous people jointly carrying out missions in the name of certain values. The question of the relevance of these values ​​arises, as does that of the (real?) counter-power they exercise in relation to governments and industries.

We’ve Been Hearing a Lot About Anonymous


o see more clearly, Brian Knappen berger conducted the investigation and produced a documentary retracing certain actions of Anonymous. He even has some members Georgia Phone Number testify with their faces uncovered. The film “We are Legion, the story of the Hacktivists”, which sounds exciting, was screened at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. However, it has not found a distributor yet, hopefully it does soon. Here is the trailer: Another news of the day from Anonymous, a warning video published by friend Alexis on Mashable France. They repeat their values ​​based on democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of the media.

Brian Knappenberger Conducted

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They deny wanting to bring down the Facebook and Twitter sites and claim to be not a handful of hackers, but the people themselves. They urge Internet users wishing to do so to join them. Always more numerous, they would only be the reflection of an idea. If they are aware that their actions can be misinterpreted, it is above all a question of defending all freedoms. They even compare themselves to Gandhi! #opmegaupload is far from over. Nor are the demonstrations against SOPA and PIPA .We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive We do not forget. Expect us .The book also complements my writings on social networks or books on Personal branding such as Me 2.0 or others on Internet monitoring strategies.

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