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Which can quickly reach the “answer battlefield”. Today’s headlines linked external internal multi-product strong. Resources making the watermelon. Video app jump to the second place. In the overall ranking of the app store in just a few days. As of now, among the top five downloads. On the app store, toutiao products doujin short. Video and watermelon Italy Phone Number video rank first. And second respectively. In terms of Baidu index, the search. Index for the keyword “watermelon video” soared by 1,000% year-on-year, and the search index for. Even so / though,  million heroes” soared to more than 40,000 within a week. It has created such an amazing. Influence within less than a week of its launch.

The Brand Influence Italy Phone Number

Although this may be true, is surprising. In terms of data and word of mouth. Through the promotion of toutiao’s entire series of product resources and the cross-border. Multi-channel promotion of watermelon video, brand owners can cooperate. With product resources to carry out strong brand. Exposure, accurately penetrate all circles. And quickly Italy Phone Number expand brand coverage. 3. Fantastic brand cooperation methods to create innovative business. Models “million heroes” has also made unique innovations in marketing. Methods, and customized cooperation methods for brands. 1) strong exposure: less than a week after the launch, the number of real-time. Online users in the latest issue has exceeded 1.8 million .

With the Continuous Italy Phone Number

Italy phone number
Italy phone number

Although this may be true, of “million heroes” itself. It is foreseeable that the number of online. Users will continue to rise. In the process of cooperation. Brands can bundle project communication resources. Promote through toutiao’s own channels. And the user base of the program itself. To achieve the promotion effect of multi-platform, three-dimensional. Although this may be true, massive Italy Phone Number exposure. 2) high interaction: as a national knowledge interactive. Game show, it gives users a high sense. Of expectation through daily high-frequency fixed games. In a very short time of ten minutes of live broadcast. Even so / though, attention was extremely focused. And there was a strong interaction with the platform.

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