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And, in addition, sometimes the ads simply become a way for cybercriminals to make money. Advertising fraud is the order of the day, with figures that could be having a brutal impact on the industry. Some estimates already suggest that, by converting the data, one dollar in ten spent on programmatic online advertising ends up in the hands of cybercriminals. One estimate indicated that 10% of global investment was lost due to online advertising fraud, which represents losses of about 22.4 billion dollars each year. Other estimates raised the figure to 42,000 million dollars and warned that the amount was going to double between 2019 and 2023.

A higher figure than estimated? And, now, a specialist has pointed out to the financial times that the amounts may be much higher than what the industry usually indicates. By his calculations, tens of billions of dollars are being lost Azerbaijan phone number each year to ad fraud. The calculations of augustine fou, an independent researcher, point to that compared to the 6,000 million dollars that the industry estimates that it loses due to “Fake clicks” on its ads. The quantity is much higher. And who are the onesif an ad from 15 years ago were passed to us today, without warning us, it is quite likely that the ad would not work.

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“There is still potential fraud in the tens of billions of dollars that is not being counted,” he says. This happens, he explains, because studies only focus on counting the impact that better-known techniques can have, such as generating false traffic via automated bots that visit the websites of fraudulent schemes, but the range of fraud is much broader. And varied. For example, as stated in the ft analysis, cybercriminals have farms of smartphones that click on ads but are also profiting from referral traffic or download campaigns. The announcement would surely leave us cold and the message would not quite gel with what they were trying to tell us.

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Companies pay for it because they are formats that they value. And that lead them to an audience more connected with the brand. But in reality they are only paying, in these cases, cybercriminals. Who are in charge of creating an illusion. And that illusion could be more recurrent than one might think. A specialist assured the ft that 90% of. The networks that sell app-install ads were “Knowingly”. Selling “Fraudulent” inventory. Niche and with no apparent solution in addition. Specialists are also seeing a boom in fraud in emerging and niche markets, such as smart tvs.

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Advertisers are pouring more and more money into these new markets, but so are cybercriminals. As one of the analysts with whom the economic environment has spoken recalls. The industry has simply migrated to a new support without fully. Understanding yet how to put an end to the problems of the. Previous one. In fact, as the sources with whom the media has spoken point out. The problem is not only that there is fraud and that cybercriminals. Are taking advantage of the situation, but that in reality the industry suffers from. Endemic evils that have not been solved.

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