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These new tools will thus allow a clear vision of what. Is happening with advertising and brand investment. Achieving an overview. Not only will it allow you to see what is happening on. The network in general, but it will go further. Marketers will be able to see their campaigns in a way that. Covers all channels and all results, offline and online. One of the departments of the american. Association of national advertisers will lead the development of these tools and the. British market will be one of the first to use one of these solutions to measure. Data although it is not yet known when. It will serve to measure the reach of campaigns.

Online video, display and television without achieving data that is. Of course, the process is not complete and there are still many Guatemala phone number ahead, such as analyzing how to extract data and put it together in a way that is useful to the end user. And equally, and given that the final idea is to have an operational “Clean room”, they need to outline how they will achieve it.Datacentric databases of companies no. 1 in the market updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals.

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Access now udima distance university of madrid degree in marketing to train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills the advertising market closed the year 2019 with slight falls, according to studies published in recent weeks by i2p and infoadex, the sector’s data sources. The year 2020 is presented with a somewhat greater optimism. This is a multiple of four years, in which the olympic games and a european championship will be held, two events that tend to invigorate the sector. On the other hand, the political and international economic uncertainties that distorted 2019 have diminished.

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The members of the zenthinela panel, directors of national and multinational advertising companies operating in spain, expect advertising investment to evolve slightly favorably. Specifically, for conventional media, for which more data is available, growth of 1.0% is. Unconventional media could grow 1.2%. The greatest growth is in digital media. Internet and mobile will grow 7.9%; outdoor digital advertising 4.9% and pay tv channels 3.5%. Growth is also for outdoor advertising in general (+1.9%); cinema (+1.3%) and radio (+1.1%).

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If the health crisis continues over time, it could affect the economy and also advertising investment. The decrease in uncertainty has contributed to the improvement in the perception indices which. However, continue to be negative: the advertising market perception index (ipmp). Improves 13 points and stands at -34, the best result since the past june. The economic situation perception index (ipse). Also improves, gaining almost 12 points and standing at -41.4, also the best. Value since the mirage of june. When a coalition government seemed possible according. To the wishes of the markets.

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