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So don’t waste time and listen to this article in full. Just click play! We appreciate your feedback in the comments. Ordinance 1.510 regulated the application of electronic time in companies and Ordinance VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists allowed the use of alternative systems. As is the case of specific applications to control working hours. Therefore. This is an investment that respects labor legislation and brings advantages to the businesses that adopt it. See how to manage your sales team with Agendor in our Free Download Guide Great results depend on great management.

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In it you will see how to manage your sales team to increase team performance. Cover-guide-how-to-manage-team-sales-agendor.png Name Corporate email Office qty of salespeople in the company Field of Activity Want to receive sales secrets and tips? Yea No With time management. Companies can see which professionals are fulfilling their workday correctly. More than that. It is a way of maintaining transparency in the relationship between employers and employees. Understand each of these reasons below. How does the electronic point for external sellers work? Electronic time for outside salespeople is to avoid paper notes.

VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists

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In this way. All information is recorded in a timeshare application. Allowing managers to check the information in real time. With Pontoweb. For example. The employee downloads the Multi app on his cell phone and can clock in quickly and from anywhere. Thus. Without harming the journey and facilitating the management of teams at home office . This is an application that has iot technology and geolocation. Bringing more reliability to the records made. Discover other apps for external sales: app for external sales What does the legislation on electronic point of sale for external vendors say?

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