Use your main keyword preferably at the start of the content

Images and their description
Should blogs have images?
Asking if your blog should contain images is like asking if it should be created in the first place or if it should provide value to readers. You know the answers to each of these questions well. Right?

How can you compress images?
Although there are a variety of free Belgium Phone Number and paid tools available, here are some of the best options:

Optimizilla Image
recycling Tinypng Resize photos Smush Which image format should you use in your blogs, JPG or PNG? Whether you use JPG or PNG depends on the purpose of your image.

For example, if your image contains text and it requires additional detail, PNG should be your preferred option in this case. PNG files are high quality, but they are heavier and can slow down your site speed.

When you’re concerned about speed, you should use jpg. JPGs help improve your loading speed.

Miscellaneous SEO FAQs for Bloggers
What’s Above the Fold of SEO Content?
Above the fold in numerical terms is the content you see on a website (or any platform) on the first screen, without scrolling up or down.


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Since content above the fold gives the visitor your first impression and a taste of what to expect on the rest of the platform, it should also be optimized for higher retention rates. This is what Above the Fold Content SEO does.

Here are the crucial points to keep in mind for above the fold content SEO:

Give them what they need in a way that pleases them. Optimize website theme, especially for above the fold content. Although your theme has huge image slideshows above the fold, your topic and page may not need it.

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