Use Key Performance Metrics to Run Your Business

The information management infrastructure includes the IT systems but can be much wider in scope. The information management infrastructure defines the methods for protecting all business data, the electronic tools that form the backbone of the business, printed material and all media that is used to support the business. All personal privacy and security controls need to be addresses here.

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The sales and marketing infrastructure supports the businesses primary goal; Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List to sell products and make a profit. It defines the methods used for everything from pricing and lead flow needed to support the sales pipeline to the methods used to develop new products and markets including the use of competitive and strategic analysis as assessment tools. The definition of the organizational infrastructure includes the formal and informal structure of the business.

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6 Key Constraints That Stop Small Businesses From Becoming Big Businesses

It includes the organization chart that forms the command and control structure plus the informal structure that. Becomes the culture of the business. The personnel infrastructure defines the working relationship between the business and its employees and between employees including the roles and authority of the management team.

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