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I said it was too normal. Twenty years ago, i also doubted Iran Phone Number why microsoft’s software. Could sell so much? Because china didn’t buy software. At that time, why so many people in the united states. Bought software, so it’s normal to not understand Iran Phone Number each other. But we didn’t do it for one term. We will continue to do it Understand Each Otherconstantly prove. That we can stimulate strong demand. We can make more people happier. Relevance refers to the degree. Of matching between keywords. And app promotion information and user search intentions. The app store will give a certain score for the matching degree.

The Higher the Score, Iran Phone Number

The better. Relevance factors Iran Phone Number relevance is mainly. Divided into two major dimensions. The relevance of the app’s meta elements. And the user’s follow-up behavior. Among them, we can modify the meta element in the background of itc. It is worth noting that each modification. Needs to be resubmitted Iran Phone Number to apple for review, so it is impossible. To modify and adjust in real time. And there is a certain delay. Another dimension is the follow-up. Behavior after the user downloads the app. Note that this follow-up behavior refers to the follow-up. Behavior after the user clicks the download. Through the ads keyword, and the user behavior. Downloaded from other channels is not counted.

Elements App Name Iran Phone Number

Iran Phone Number

Relevance: whether the keywords in appname. Cover the Iran Phone Number keywords searched by users. This part of the principle is the same as aso. Whether our app name is the main title or subtitle. We should try to cover our main target.  Similarly, the writing of Understand Each Other tries. To cover user search keywords. And the Iran Phone Number coverage will be more relevant. Pp description : the description of the app download page, long-tail keywords that cannot be covered. By name and keywords, we try to cover them here. (2) user click follow-up behavior. Click-through rate: ttr. Apple ads has this data in the background. The number of clicks/display times. For each keyword is the click-through rate.

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