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The well-known GPS and Glonass. A Russian technology. VP Communications Officer Email Lists it even more credibility. Finally. All data recorded in the app can only be accessed by accredited professionals. That is. Not just anyone can check the information about the journey. So. This brings security and makes management more assertive. See more tips: how to make an external sales action plan? How to make an external sales action plan 4. Comply with legislation As stated earlier. The legislation does not establish appointments for external workers. But neither does it veto this possibility.

In Fact Unlike What Many Imagine.

It is possible to set schedules for salespeople who work outside the companies. It is not enough for the work to be carried out externally to prevent time recording. Outside salespeople and commercial representatives perform activities compatible with the setting of schedules. In fact. There are changes regarding the beginning and end of daily activities. Still. These usually happen during business hours. With the registration through the point application it is possible to avoid future constraints and lawsuits in the Labor Court. After all.

VP Communications Officer Email Lists


The employee can claim that he worked at certain times and it will be up to the company to prove that the information is true or not. 5. Agility for HR Rework is one of the things that most harms companies. From the most varied segments. It happens when one employee performs a certain activity and then another needs to make corrections to what has already been delivered. In the case of dot leaves. This condition is quite common. However. With the use of a specific app for managing journeys. This issue is easily overcome.

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