Towards a European Directive on the Right to Digital Oblivion?

This time at European level. Added to the political agenda in 2009 by Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. Then Secretary of State for the digital economy. This debate resulted in the signing of two charters a year later. That of October 13, 2010 aimed to guarantee respect for the privacy of Internet users on collaborative sites and search engines. The signatories undertook to improve the transparency of their policy for the use of personal data. But also to give the possibility of better managing the information concerning them. The charter remained very Franco-French. Key players such as Google, Twitter and Facebook not having subscribed to it.

The Notion of the Digital


Just to ensure your digital identity as it should be. We know that this is not Honduras Phone Number really the strong point of Facebook, for example, which does not really erase content even when the user thinks it is doing so.  At the heart of a project of a European directive supported by the European Commissioner in charge of Justice. Websites will have to use more education, and clearly explain what happens to the information posted online.

The Right to Be Forgotten Is the Possibility

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Private life This draft directive, if accepted. Will target all companies offering their services to consumers in the European Union, and therefore not only those which have servers inside the EU. In other words, all websites can be affected. An extremely ambitious project (too?), with particularly heavy penalties for companies that violate these rules: the fine could reach one million euros. Nevertheless, an earlier version of the initial draft provided for an even heavier financial penalty, which could be up to 5% of the worldwide turnover of the companies concerned.

We can’t even imagine what this could have represented for a giant like Google … Another initiative of this draft directive: the obligation for companies that publish websites to hire a manager whose role will be to ensure respect for the privacy of users. Will the positions of “Personal data manager”, “Privacy ninja” or “Data protection guru” be all the rage?

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