At the Next Stage, You Can Add an Image to the Canvas

Add title
next you will see a blank white canvas ready to be designed. In this section, you can add story titles as needed. If you have, click “save draft” to save the draft.


4. Insert image to canvas story
at the next stage, you can add an image to the canvas. Web stories already provides ready-made templates that you can modify yourself.

Then, you can also use images from the


wordpress media library to upload images from other sources.

When you’re done selecting the image, you Greece Phone Number can resize it on the canvas as needed.


5. Add text

to make it more complete, you can add text to the canvas


To do this, you can click the text symbol in the left sidebar.

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In addition, the stories feature for this website also provides various text editing features that you can set from headings, sizes, colors, changing font types, and more.


6. Upload story
now in the last step, after all the preparations are complete, you can click the “publish” button. If so, a warning icon will appear on the button.

This warning icon tells you to check the checklist menu on the right sidebar. In this menu, you can see various recommendations that can optimize your web stories. For example the number of pages and text, posts, and more.

However, you can also ignore the checklist or follow the instructions that appear. If it feels right, you can click the “published” button.


Features of web stories

after you know how, you can understand the features provided to further maximize you in creating stories features for this website, as follows:

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