Thought About Starting a Business

Does it make sense to enter new geographic markets? Have any competitors in that market left or ‘retrenched, waiting for better times’? Update Your Offerings After reviewing your business plan is it necessary to change or update your product or service offering? Will product or service changes or additions allow you to sell more to your existing customers? An “update” here could mean a redesign of your web site, starting a blog, joining a social network. Essentially any way you can expand your reach to potential customers.

How To Plan Your Business The Right Way

The reason newspapers across the country are closing is due to lack of readership South Africa WhatsApp Number List. People are moving to the internet for their news and information… and to find your business! Improve Your Pitch Thoroughly understand your product and service and why someone should buy it from you. Use written testimonials from some of your satisfied customers. • Tell your story in five minutes or less.

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With A Business Plan

Practice to perfect your pitch “before” the sales call. • Listen well. Ask questions & really listen to the client’s needs and concerns. The bottom line is practice makes perfect. Be a dedicated practitioner in client connection. You are the owner. Your time, care and connection in the sales process will bring results.

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