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Yet machines will become smarter. Increasingly, machines can create their own rules to analyze various signals. More fascinatingly, they can uncover signals and relationships to improve research that might never happen to humans.

To learn more, I recommend reading the articles below:

  • FAQ: all about the new Google RankBrain algorithm
  • How machine learning works, as explained by Google

If you have the time and want to better understand the intricacies of Google’s ranking system, I recommend this recent talk by Google’s Paul Haahr, below. The main speech is the first, the questions and answers next and his slides at the end:

8. How research has changed society


Who would have imagined, when search Germany Phone Number engines appeared in the mid-1990s, that they would lead directly to a “Right to be forgotten” declaration by the European Court of Justice 20 years later?

This is just one of the many ways search engines have shaped society since their inception. The tools that make it so easy for us to find what we want also make it easy for some people to find what others don’t.

Just last week, the University of California, Davis made headlines when news emerged of its attempt to change Google’s search results to be more favorable to it following its infamous web spraying. pepper against the protesters. UC Davis is not the first institution or company to try this. Indeed, there is an industry around it. For search marketers, probably the most remarkable thing about the attempt is how poorly executed it was.

9. The search marketing revolution

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Until research, the easiest way to reach a mass audience was expensive and horribly targeted. You purchased a TV ad and hoped it would air at a time when people interested in your ad could watch it. Most would not be interested. Many have likely pushed your ad forward quickly.

Research has changed all that. Suddenly, you could reach a mass audience for literally pennies. Additionally, your content was delivered to an incredibly targeted audience, those who had specifically declared an interest in your product or service by searching for it.

Consider if you sold cars. TV charged you a high price to tell a mass audience that they should buy your car, when only a small number wanted it. Search charged you a nominal price to reach a mass audience that was explicitly looking for “cars” and therefore likely ready to buy one. Plus, you only pay if someone actually clicks on your ad. You also pay nothing if they click on your free ad.

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