This Data Is the Most Ivory Coast Phone Number

This data is the most important data that Ivory Coast Phone Number affects relevance. And attention is the most important and most important! Important data. Said three times! Conversion rate. Also known as download. Conversion Ivory Coast Phone Number rate, the number. Of downloads/clicks generated. After each tap is clicked, which is the capture rate, which is called cr in the apple ads background. Retention : you can use third-party statistical. Tools to query user retention data. Active : in the same way, you can use third-party. Statistical tools to query user active data.  Other related factors. In addition to the two dimensions.

That There Are Ivory Coast Phone Number

Several other factors that will affect the Ivory Coast Phone Number degree. Of relevance to some extent. Whether there is in-app purchase : whether your app has in-app purchase. Service, that is, whether there is a sales. Share for apple. Number of comments and stars. The number of comments Ivory Coast Phone Number on the app, as well as. The number of stars, with a full score of 5 stars. App correlation under the developer. The correlation of each app under the same app developer account. For example, if the apps under a company are all live broadcast. The relevant keywords of the live broadcast. Will theoretically be highly relevant. Note: the above three items are all superior, and do not need to be deliberately pursued.

The Optimization Focus Ivory Coast Phone Number

Ivory coast phone number
Ivory coast phone number

Of relevance is still on meta, as well as the Ivory Coast Phone Number optimization. Of click-through rate and conversion rate. 2. Improve drainage ability (1) increase. The amount of exposure. The number of impressions is related to two factors: one is the bid. And the other is the relevance. The two complement each other. If you want Ivory Coast Phone Number to show more, either hot words or high prices. This problem does not need to be entangled. As long as you want to show, you can do it enough. Then we will focus on the click-through rate. Increase the click-through rate the factors that affect the click-through rate.

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