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Share with your team graduate-in-sales share with your team constant improvement: in any profession.  for growth and success. It could not be different for those who work in the commercial sector. Especially because of its dynamism and competitiveness . For this. In addition to traditional sales training and specialized reading. A good way is to invest in a postgraduate degree in sales. Especially if the desire is to reach strategic positions within the company. In this article. We are going to list good options for on-site and distance courses to help you choose your postgraduate or your mba. Check out! A good option for those who want to specialize in commercial.

See how to be more productive and efficient in sales with our free downloadable guide in it you will see how to organize and take advantage of the relationship with your customers to sell more and better. Cover-guide-productive-efficient-sales.png name corporate email cargo qty of salespeople in the company field of activity want to receive sales secrets and tips? Sim no why pursue a graduate degree in sales? We mentioned that improving knowledge through a postgraduate degree can be a key part of your professional growth within the sales area. But why does this happen?

Below Are The Main Reasons

In-depth knowledge unlike short courses Ivory Coast Phone Number and training. In a postgraduate course you can deepen knowledge and skills in subjects such as: negotiation; pricing strategy; team management; marketing. In this way. It has a more strategic view of the area and the entire company. 2. Networking a graduate degree in sales is a good way to meet sales professionals from other companies and industries and activate a network of relationships. This networking allows you to understand the market more globally. Count on support for different challenges and even get indications and recommendations for new professional challenges.

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Contact with teachers in addition to networking with colleagues. Relationships with professors also bring great value to your career. Especially if the chosen educational institution has in its faculty both professors from the market and the academic environment. Which makes your learning richer. 6 in-person postgraduate sales courses postgraduate courses in face-to-face sales are ideal for those who are in large cities (where there is a greater offer) and for those who are willing to attend classes during the available periods. We’ve selected 6 training options from some of the country’s top universities and business schools!

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The fia (fundação instituto de administração) offers this postgraduate course at its av. Paulista. In sao paulo. Classes are mixed between face-to-face (320 hours) and distance learning (160 hours). According to the information available on the training website . The curriculum is composed of the following topics: marketing and sales strategy sales planning and channel management people management in sales financial management and sales controlling sales techniques. Technology and innovation sales negotiation and marketing trading lab business simulation 2. Mba in commercial management – fgv at fgv (fundação getúlio vargas).

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