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The campaigns sought to thank essential workers, convey upbeat and togetherness messages, and use sentimental and emotional songs. Perhaps the best example of this last point is the music of the bankinter commercial, those moments will return. The song became a viral hit, possibly more viral than the ad. The lyrics were by leandro raposo, from the sioux meet cyranos agency, and the singer ele (elena iturrieta). As of april 14, the ad had more than 1,500,000 views and the song was number one in shazam searches in spain. People wanted to know what song was that that made them cry in a bank ad.

The idea of ​​moving us, making us cry, was being the dominant idea everywhere. In fact, coronavirus advertising already has its own list of clichés , as demonstrated by a creative who combined ads from english-speaking countries into a single video to show that they were all saying the same thing. Piano music, the same keywords and the India phone number same promise of ‘we are there’: this is what they all have in common. The doorman is a popular rapper in the market and the company has linked the campaign to an action to support the nightlife industry, with donations to an organization linked to supporting workers in that market (who have been out of work for these days).

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This commitment to these elements, which are used in the united states and the united kingdom, but also in spain and possibly in all the countries in crisis, has ended up making all the ads look more or less the same. If brands have not been among the first to launch advertising campaigns and stand out, it is likely that their ads will end up lost in the mass of similar campaigns. For this reason, perhaps, the time has come to give a new twist to the coronavirus ads.

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Advertising campaigns in times of pandemic may need to move to the next phase now. Humor against coronavirus and that phase could be humor. As they point out from cmo, of the wall street journal, it is a risky move. Possibly, brands must understand their consumers and their market very well before taking the step. After all, using humor and laughing at the situation and at what has changed in our lives can only work in those markets where the hardest phase has already passed and de-escalation is entering.

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The example that has already appeared and that has. Already jumped into the specialized advertising press is that of. The latest campaign by rossmann, a german drugstore chain. The campaign plays with the idea that there. Are now “Nightclub” bouncers everywhere, as adweek recalls. And with the obligations of social distance in purchases. The result, they point out in the middle. Is a fun advertisement, which respects all the shopping rules in the times of the coronavirus. In addition to humor, the campaign adds another. Of the points that consumers expect from brands right now.

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