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And, therefore, serving the same ad over and over. Again and having it chase you through the different content channels rather. Than making it stick in your memory can make you end up hating it. The giants of consumption begin to have it more or less clear. They have begun to assume that effectiveness in advertising is no longer achieved by chasing the consumer, but rather by thinking. Carefully about what is done and how the strategy is managed. Procter & gamble has already seen it that is what procter & gamble is doing, which is already very clear that insisting. And insisting with the same advertisement only annoys the consumer.

“We want to make sure we have relevant messages that have the right level of frequency versus too much,” explains monica turner, its chief sales officer for north america, as reported by adweek . Instead of tirelessly launching their ads, they try to select the most appropriate time to launch them, and to do so (as one could almost say expected) they Afghanistan phone number are using analytics technology. The reasons why they are making this change are clear. Another of his directors, the chief digital officer, benjamin spiegel, explained to the american media that for consumers there is no benefit in seeing the same ad over and over again.

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An excess of frequencies for an advertisement would therefore mean. A kind of waste in the media. What matters is not spending a lot of money and putting the. Ad in the soup, but that the movements that are made are effective and that the impact is valuable. The key is in the data and in what they say about consumers, which by crossing it with the use of other tools allows. Us to go for the right opportunity.Over the years, different problems have been pointed out that. Online advertising faces and that have caused it to lose the vision that. It can be effective (beyond the problems that have generated the use of certain formats, such as programmatic.

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Advertising). Online advertisements have saturated consumers. Who no longer pay attention to them. In fact, we must not forget .That a syndrome has already been baptized in online advertising, that of banner blindness. Basically, what the syndrome comes to be is to give a name to the reality that consumers pay little attention to advertising. They do not see it directly: their brain is not processing that data. And, of course, the criticism of what is and is not with online. Advertising is also based on direct results data and how the ads achieve very. Low number of clicks. But is online advertising as ineffective as it might seem? Is all of this symptomatic of.

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Consumers not responding to online ads or is it simply a matter. Of poor measurement and tracking that doesn’t paint the full picture? Just think about the clicks thing: to think that they alone indicate. That an ad has been successful is quite simplistic. Not all results are achieved by clicking and, in fact. On many occasions the advertisement is familiarizing the consumer. With the brand, even if they do not click on the message that is being . The value of branding and brand exposure through advertising beyond the click is. A factor that has been and for years. But without a doubt, the presence of companies and brands in online environments has. A similar impact to that of other supports or traditional media, even without taking into account the volume

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