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The total number of internet users in china. Reached 710 million, that is to say. 1 out of every 5 internet users uses online food delivery. And almost all Kuwait Phone Number use mobile apps to place orders. It can be seen that online food delivery has become a basic. Mobile internet service, at the same level. As e-commerce, information, video and payment Kuwait Phone Number services. It has to be said that the frenzied. Competition of giants such as baidu. Takeaway, meituan takeaway and has completely changed. The habits of chinese urban residents to. Obtain food. Every era has the imprint of each era.

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Of chinese cities was bicycles, today, food delivery. Vehicles have Kuwait Phone Number become the new landscape. Of chinese cities. And online food delivery has not disappeared. Or attenuated because of the end of the subsidy war. This is different Kuwait Phone Number from taxi apps. Many users have returned to the old habit. Of “beckoning taxis” after taxi apps have no subsidies. It is precisely because of this that even. If there is no subsidy for online food. Delivery, it can still attract users. In the first half of the year, it still achieved a user growth of 31.8%, which seems. To have become a mobile internet infrastructure.

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The last three kilometers of Kuwait Phone Number online food delivery. A few days ago, walmart announced. A new strategic investment of us$50 million, and the two parties will. Establish comprehensive strategic cooperation. In home service, logistics, distribution and retail. This investment seems to have nothing. To do with online Kuwait Phone Number delivery, but it is not. Before walmart invested in xin dada, baidu waimai. Wanted to acquire xin dada. Perhaps the two sides had contact. Why do takeaway platforms. Want to acquire transportation platforms? Because new dada claims to solve the problem. Of the last three kilometers. Which is also a key link in online takeout.

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