The Think Doe Sustainable Program

Company description

‘Living and living together, in a democratic constitutional state, with effective governance. BZK, clear to people’. This is the mission of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations safeguards the core values ​​of democracy. BZK stands for good and successful public administration and a government that citizens can rely on. BZK contributes to ensuring that citizens can live in affordable, safe and energy-efficient homes in a neighborhood where everyone counts and participates and life is pleasant.


Focuses On Sustainable Government

The Think Doe Sustainable program focuses on Argentina Phone Numbers sustainable government operations and is commission by the DGOO. The Directorate-General for Government Organization (DGOO) is working on a modern government. A government that is organiz flexibly, that works on the development of a single government that demonstrates good employership and uses technology effectively. Sustainability and social impact are the starting points for central government operations; after all, the role of the government is deriv from the nes of society.
Organizationally, the program has been plac with the Procurement, Facilities and Housing Policy Department (IFHR).

Argentina Phone Numbers

Project We arrange jobs for people

The Netherlands is becoming more sustainable, and so is the government. Solar panels must also be install on the many square kilometers of roofs of government buildings. Our CO2 emissions must also be reduc and we also want to recycle our furniture. We arrange jobs for people with a distance to the labor market through contracts. With companies, and we make sure that the materials from our phones are not collect by children during the international production chain. Many people at the government are working on this, and to help them, inspire them and share and connect knowledge and experiences, there is a Think Do Sustainability program. We are looking for two teammates for the program team who will take care of (change) communication together.

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