The rise of the global grassroots maintenance movement challenges the linear economic

Based on the teaching activities of universities. And community colleges. Maintenance activities are held .In urban and rural communities in. Southern taiwan to promote maintenance. Instead of abandonment. Responsible consumption and production. And recycling green living.Why do sociologists advocate that community. Residents pick up their housekeepers. And start repairs. Through this article, I will talk about the. Maintenance movement that has sprung up. In grassroots communities around .The world over the past decade. Explain the environmental and .Social value of maintenance, how the maintenance movement is challenging sloppy programmatic obsolescence, moving towards right-to-maintenance initiatives. And calling for circularity. A development model that replaces the linear economy.

Repair café in farnham england


The opportunity to visit the founded. By my old friend martin charter in farnham england. Martin is the founder and ceo of. The centre for sustainable design (cfsd) at the university. For the creative arts (uca) in the united kingdom. With the support of the school. The town church and the local council, he has been since 2014. Organize maintenance volunteers and hold an event in the church hall once a month.The activity flow Romania Phone Number  is as follows. Residents who send repairs enter the venue firstly. The volunteers will guide them to fill in. The basic information such. As the age of the item. Brand model, damage condition etc. Weigh the item and log in then go to home appliances. 3c, bicycles clothing furniture etc. The seats in front of the different repair. Areas are waiting to be called. When it’s time for repairs. Residents bring their items to. The workbench and sit face-to-face .With the repair volunteers. While the maintenance volunteers diagnose and repair, they will discuss the damage status, usage habits, working principles.


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During the process, some volunteers brought croissants

I was told before my visit that the 1,000th successfully repaired item would be produced at the farnham repair café that day, and the local councillors and local newspapers came. Amid the chatter, the collision of repair tools and objects, cheers and applause erupted in the historic building. Why is it predicted that the thousandth item will be repaired on this day? The key is that since martin established the repair cafe, he has planned to collect data through basic data sheets, weighing scales, questionnaire satisfaction surveys, importing carbon emission calculators, etc., and then use statistical data to present the repair environment and social benefit. Log in to the website of farnham repair cafe and you can see that from 2014 to october 2021, with more than one year of interruption due to the epidemic, farnham repair cafe has organized 64 repair activities.

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