The power of art and technology allows children to temporarily

What color is the hospital in your memory? Pale green sheets, gray iron frame, and nothing but endless white. Unlike the world outside the ward, there is a blue sky, an orange-red sunset, and colorful playmates.

Dad Xie said that her 2-year-old daughter

Yanyan was scared when she was first Slovenia Phone Number┬áto the hospital. Although the doctors and nurses were very friendly, it took her a while to get used to life in the hospital, and she had an IV needle in her arm. She couldn’t move freely, her movement was restricted, and the mood of “Yanyan” was also affected a lot. Dad Xie said, ”

I can only try to divert her attention play with her sing together

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and read storybooks to her. She listens.” DSC09030 Photo Credit: Samsung Taiwan. How great would it be to be able to bring the outside world into the ward? In recent years, creating a friendly medical space for children has become a topic of concern in Taiwan and the global medical community.

In the United Kingdom, a hospital has laid a track between the ward and the operating room, so that children who need surgery can take the train into the operating room, replacing the fear of cold equipment

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