The Most Searched Keywords in 2011: Google Zeitgeist

After Twitter and Facebook , here is the ranking of search trends on Google in 2011. As every year, the search engine returns to the keywords that have been all the rage over the past year, and offers a very nice video featuring: it’s the Google Zeitgeist! This year, no list of the most searched keywords, but rather those that have experienced the best progress. It is possible to know these rankings for many different countries, including France. Several categories are represented: music, sport, news… A good opportunity to come back to the events that marked the year. Zeitgeist 2011 And the fastest growing search, worldwide, of any category is… Rebecca Black . Yes. The unforgettable interpreter of Friday , if she has not met with success thanks to her talents as a singer, can at least be proud of having become the phenomenon of the year. It is followed by Google+, Ryann Dunn , Casey Anthony (who was also found in the Facebook ranking ), the game Battlefield 3, the iPhone 5, the singer Adele, Fukushima, Steve Jobs and finally the iPad 2.

The Search Engine Returns


Google also delivers the ranking Norway Phone Number of the biggest drops in terms of search. The big loser is none other than Myspace, accompanied almost exclusively by other social networks in decline (Hi5, Mebo, Netlog…) Impressive! For France, the top 10 fastest growing keywords are varied to say the least: Zeitgeist 2011 France It includes the game Minecraft, DSK, the show SecretStory5, the e-commerce site Zalando, the Bref series, the site  n the ranking of personalities, DSK comes first, as well as for the “news” category. In the cinema, it was Tron who unleashed passions, and for sporting events, the Roland Garros tournament. If you are passionate about these search trends, which give a good reflection of the concerns of the year, I invite you to visit the dedicated Google site, which offers beautiful visualizations. Christmas is coming, do you want to have a little fun?

And the Fastest Growing Search

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