The Most Influential Media on Social Networks

The war of influence affects all circles of Internet users. From teenagers fighting for the most likes to bloggers struggling in meaningless rankings. To newspapers that want to be more and more social. It is therefore not surprising to see. In the latter case rankings appear to see which press titles are doing the best. Hopscotch , has just launched a barometer to find out which media dominate the social media scene.  Number of feedbacks, engagement, all on Facebook and Twitter and scored from 1 to 5. The big winner would therefore be Le Parisien (4.58), ahead of Le Monde (4.48) and Le Figaro (4.03). RFI and France24 follow, taking advantage of a strong presence on Facebook. The classification is subdivided into numerous headings.

The War of Influence Affects All Circles


Paris Normandie and Le Dauphiné would be the most active (automation?), RFI, L’Express and Le Parisien the most engaging, Europe 1 the most retweeted… Be careful however, the classification is only approached from the angle of the official accounts, and it is therefore Bolivia Phone Number List necessarily biased. Some aspects do not seem relevant to me (how posting 100 messages a day on Facebook makes you vivacious? Isn’t that rather negative?). And above all, the influence of the journalists themselves is not represented. However, it is one of the essential aspects of online newspapers to rely on their strengths to ensure the promotion of content. L’Express had reported on this in a beautiful way by integrating the share of journalists in the presence of online media . It was much more representative to my taste, at least on Twitter.

It Is Therefore Not Surprising

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The figures presented in this survey are nonetheless interesting. here are not only good ideas when it comes to social networks. The strong breakthrough of this kind of sites in recent years has created a long trail of more or less unusual, even totally meaningless attempts. These networks of the absurd often go unnoticed but can be great moments of laughter. C-Section Comics , rather than listing them, preferred to create parodies. We are sometimes close to reality, it is well seen. Witness Twittoddler, a network similar to Twitter but intended for babies typing at random on their keyboard, Shybook, the anonymous network where you have no friends (Forever alone!) or N-Quorea, a question/answer site where a dictator tells you what to write… And you, do you have other ideas? There is plenty to do .

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