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Chrome will simply make the change: where that ad should appear, an error message will appear (basically an image with the popular lorem ipsum text). What will be the threshold that chrome will use to block ads? All ads that consume more than 4mb of data and those that require a use of 15 seconds of cpu for every 30 or a total of 60 enter their sack. According to google statistics, only 0.3% of all mobile ads are positioned above those thresholds, but those that do are already consuming 28% of all cpu usage that ads require and 28% of all mobile data that advertising takes.

The blocking will start in august, although google had already announced its plans to block all ads that consumed excessive resources in the past. A few months earlier it had stated that it would block all bad ads , from pop-ups to ads that Job function email database on the screen. In a few years, it will also begin to block cookies . With these movements, and given the high weight it has in the browser and mobile device market (thanks to android), google manages to influence how ads are launched and what the mobile browsing experience is like.Datacentric databases of companies no.

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1 in the market updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. Access now cef.- digital marketing courses social networks. Web analytics, seo and sem, creation of web pages with wordpress. What course do you need? In the race to be the best setting for advertising. And thus achieve a better connection with brands. Media companies try to show that they are the support that generates more engagement. That guarantees more viewings or that manages to capture more viewers’ attention. Recipients of the ads that brands and companies position through these channels.


In recent years, the race has also been. Particularly fierce between digital media (on the rise). And traditional media (which are losing audience). But how does content consumption. And attention to the ads they serve work? Studies have been showing that traditional media ads face a certain disinterest . A study pointed out in 2019 that three out of 10 television commercials. Are not seen by anyone, because they are broadcast directly to an empty room .

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After all, we viewers have internalized the idea that. The commercial break is the moment in which. We take the opportunity to do other things. Be it checking the mail or going to the kitchen for something to eat. The data is similar to that achieved by a magna study this december. When it analyzed television content consumption patterns. And concluded that 29% of television commercials. Are not seen by anyone and are broadcast to an empty room. .

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