The Importance of Digital Identity for Recent Graduates

Our debate of the month on the professional integration of young graduates is coming to an end! Today we have Anthony Babkine on the importance of digital identity. Personal e-reputation: instructions for use ” with Mounira Hamdi and Nabila Moumen published by Dunod. He is active on blogs that he co-created: Evenementor. Find him on Twitter and his blog .

Why, for a young graduate, is it important to ensure a good online presence? The question of digital presence concerns a very large part of the population and particularly young professionals and young graduates. All our life we ​​must demonstrate that we are up to our acts, our actions and this in an even more important way at the beginning of our career.

Why Has It Become So Important?


In this sense, the digital presence can be a major ally or conversely serve us when we neglect it. Before specifying the importance of digital presence, it seems to me Germany Phone Number List necessary to define what ‘good online presence’ means. If we were to popularize this notion of ‘good online presence’. We could say that it ideally corresponds to the digital image that we wish to send back to the individual who Googles us.

This person who spontaneously and voluntarily wants to know more about us by typing . Our ‘first name  last name’ on search engines. At the end of this online search, which elements were consulted by the Googlelisor: our Facebook? Therefore, what image of our person did we send back to this passing Googler? According to the people who google us, recruiters, friends, colleagues, clients, the opinions will not be unanimous, but overall what are the main opinions that emerge following these online visits? What impression did you give to your interlocutor?

Is Digital Identity for All Young Graduates?

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In short, ensuring a good online presence means ensuring that the desired image is as close to the perceived image. This rather global reflection on the online image brings us back to the notion of e-reputation which is defined by the sum of the management of one’s online image (personal branding) and of one’s digital identity. But why has it become so important?

At a time when more than 60% of French Internet users are on Facebook (source: Comscore), it is legitimate to wonder what we can find about us on the web or the traces left during previous Internet browsing. This question of digital presence is important for a young graduate because the period of the end of studies is often synonymous with an active search for employment and/or professional opportunities. It is also an important moment during which we strive to develop our professional network. Benefiting from a positive digital image close to our real personality and brand image is therefore a fundamental issue.

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