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As more and more countries close the population in confinement and quarantine processes. It is logical to assume that this will increase. For facebook and google, 2020 will therefore not be as good. A year as they expected, although the waters will return to their course in 2021. Returning to the data from cowen’s analysis, facebook is expected to grow by 23% again in 2021. And , despite everything, the end of the year will be with billionaire amounts of income. Both in google and facebook. The two giants will not be the only ones.

Analysts also believe snap and twitter will lose ad revenue this year. Amazon, they point out from cowen, will do less because. Its advertising business is “Less exposed”. John garriga long career in adtech. He has worked at eyeblaster/mediamind and as ceo at sizmek… Acl directpromo we know about relational marketing we are experts in Japan phone number and. Incentives we like to create unique experiences datacentric databases. Of companies no. 1 in the market updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. Access now no one is unaware that today multitasking user navigation is a reality.

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Especially from the younger generations, the millennials and those below it. This means that, for example, while they are watching television. They browse with their mobile or tablet. The question that can be asked in this situation is. What impact does it have for the digital advertising sector? And for the brain? Is it capable of processing the multiple. Streams of information in front of it, including advertising? We found the idea so interesting that we decided. To study it to unravel the behavior of our brains and how they process information. While working in multitasking mode. But we did not want to stop there and decided to go one step further.

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A data from 2019, provided by zenith media, helps to understand the. Scope of the issue of multitasking navigation. I am referring to the total consumption. Of media (television, radio, internet…), which at a global level had an average. Of eight hours a day per person. Furthermore, in the past year, and for the first time. The internet has overtaken television as a media platform. After detecting a situation, multitasking navigation. And its dimensions, now it was necessary to analyze the matter in depth. To do this, we take the online behavior of both millennials. And generations after this. It was observed that they habitually browse chronically. Distracted and under the ‘effect’ of advertising blindness.

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Thus, for example, it was detected that during the broadcast. Of advertisements on tv they focused more attention on their mobiles and not. On what appeared on the ‘big screen’. Or that when an ad jumped on their smartphones. They went to another page and did not notice the impressions in front of them. At the same time it has been possible to verify that. This distraction is not only at a precise moment. But, on the one hand, a delay effect is created in the long-term stimuli. And on the other, a lower interaction of users with digital advertising.

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