The Cispa Bill Explanations and Implications

You may have followed the story of the SOPA and PIPA bills and the numerous protests issued on the subject a few weeks ago. History is repeating itself in the United States with the CISPA bill, considered by many to be a threat to freedom on the Internet. Of course, what is happening does not concern us directly. But it is worth paying close attention to, the adoption of this law could extend the movement to the Old Continent… The desire to control the web has been a leitmotiv for governments for several years. Better watch it all closely! CISPA, what is it? The CISPA bill, or Cyber ​​Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, aims to facilitate access to the personal data of any Internet user by government agencies, via Internet service providers.

Cyber ​​intelligence Sharing and Protection Act


Personal exchanges, emails, downloads, any Brazil Phone Number List activity could be monitored. The idea of ​​giving too much power to the government over access to personal data and the privacy of Internet users is not encouraging. Filed by Republican Mike Rodgers, the project lacks clarity and worries many, from ordinary citizens to Reporter Without Borders. And of course, it will be impossible for you to know the information held about you. In short, if CISPA passes, welcome to a world of generalized network surveillance.

The Whole Question Is to Know on

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The latest CISPA news CISPA is officially supported by many companies, such as Facebook, AT&T, IBM, Boeing, Microsoft or Intel. Some of them expressed their concerns without, however, withdrawing their support. Google, for its part, has not yet given an official position. A weighty opponent has recently declared itself. Barack Obama has said he wants to veto if the law passes. Which would mean a referral to Congress.

The text must now pass to the Senate. At the same time, infographics Would you like to have a simplified and summarized view of the CISPA bill and the risks it presents? Here is an infographic that should interest you.

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