The best online payment methods to use in WordPress

In wordpress. One of the most popular solutions to have online payment methods involves implementing a plugin to create forms and a payment gateway that are reliable.

A payment gateway is a service offered by third-party Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers companies that securely evaluates and processes payments and other online transactions. Although there are more companies in the sector. Some of the best known services are:

stripe . A payment gateway complement or plugin that acts as a virtual pos and works with the main banking entities.
Paypal . It is true that its commission is higher. But the main advantage of paypal is its way of facilitating payment for customers and the financing options it offers.

As for the form plugin

To allow online payment through them. The most popular are gravity forms. Ninja forms and formidable forms. They all share the possibility of creating custom forms that allow the use of payment gateways:

gravity forms is a premium wordpress plugin for creating just about any form you can think of. It offers a large number of advanced functions that are easy to use by any user.

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Ninja forms is a free alternative that offers premium extensions. More than a million web pages made in wordpress are already using it. It includes dozens of default templates to select the one you like the most. Or if you prefer. You can create your own according to your needs.

Formidable forms is

Another powerful form builder tool ideal for wordpress. Its visual design ensures that the forms enhance your brand. Dynamic fields automatically fill in user metadata. Saved entries. And other information. Leading to a simpler and faster checkout process.

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