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Interest in black friday and cyber ​​monday has also surpassed christmas. Favorite brands add almost 58 million searches. Consumers’ christmas shopping habits have changed in recent years and advertisers are responding to their demands. According to a report prepared by the dentsu x consumer insights department, in 2018, for the first time, the month of november exceeds the advertising investment of december by 1.4%. In addition, for three years, the investment in weeks 47 and 48 (black friday and cyber ​​monday) exceeds that of the christmas campaign (weeks 51 to 53).

In november 2019, investment in television grew by 5.6% compared to the same period in 2018 (€240.2m vs. €227.4m), and in the week of black friday alone the increase was 22 %, going from 41.6 to 50.8 million euros, according to data Belize phone number from infoadex. The brands allocated a significant part of their annual budgets to november 2018 and have gradually decreased advertising investment in the last three weeks of the year since 2015, going from 227.5 million euros in that year to 119.7 million recorded in 2018. The influence of black friday and cyber ​​monday has been fundamental for this change in trend, as consumers take advantage of the offers of these campaigns to advance their christmas purchases.

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Now they are done in a planned and better organized way. Without leaving the acquisition of gifts for the last minute as was done until recently. The search trend of recent years reveals that the interest in the. Term “Gifts” decreases as that of “Black friday”. And “Cyber ​​monday” increases. Regarding the evolution of searches related to christmas. An increasing decrease in interest is noted in the month of december and an increase. In the penultimate month of the year. Thus, the monthly percentage of the total. Annual searches for keywords related to black friday. Cyber ​​monday and christmas this year is close to 60% in november, compared to 56.4% in 2016.

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In december that interest falls to 29 .6% this year, compared to 35.3% in 2016. Spanish internet users also increased their interest in their favorite christmas brands in november. Based on the volume of monthly searches for keywords related to them in the last five years. Amazon is the preferred brand and leads the ranking with 25.2 million user searches in that period. They are followed by el corte inglés (12.7m.), zara (9.7m.) and media markt (6.1m.). In recent years, amazon has gone from being a residual player in the internet. Advertising market to becoming one of the emerging players, one, in fact. That sees itself as capable of making things complicated for the google-google duopoly.

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Facebook in the fight for advertising revenue. Given that more and more product search processes – even if they do not end in direct. Purchase on the platform – start in the company, companies and brands. Want to be better positioned in their search results and in their product spaces. All this is leading them to invest in advertising in the online store. Analysts have become increasingly clear that amazon will play an increasingly important role in the advertising market. In the us alone, emarketer estimates that in 2021 it will move 5,010 million. Dollars in display advertising and 12,000 million in search.

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