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Carrie drinkwater, of mediahub, explained that they had tried to integrate one of their clients into one of the plots of unbreakable kimmy schmidt , but did not do so when the company responsible for the production asked for “Astronomical” prices (sources consulted by the times indicate that netflix leaves the management of product placement in the hands of its content producers). They are not the only ones of course, netflix isn’t alone in working to change how content is branded.

As they explain in an analysis in forbes , netflix is ​​just one more piece of a revolution in advertising, of ushering in a new generation of what is supposed to be done in ads. In the analysis, they focus on how the technology to access Belarus phone number content on demand (converting the fleet of televisions into smart tvs, via boxes to access content) is giving rise to a new scenario for advertising and, above all, one that can be positioned based on the data. But it should also be added that netflix’s potential strategy would not only work for them.

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There are already projects in which artificial intelligence is. Used to do à la carte product placement, which could have great potential. And, of course, other players in the industry are also looking at it. The integration of brands and products. With content is something that other much more traditional. Players do and that allows selling in a ‘cleaner’ and. Less annoying way. James bond markings in fact, as they pointed out in. An analysis in the guardian , the trailer for the latest james bond movie is not only a. Window to position the film and generate interest. In its premiere, but also a window to promote the brands that appear in it.

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The film’s trailer is full of collaborating brands (which, as they point out in the newspaper, possibly negotiated and also appear in this first preview), especially luxury cars (which are displayed in shots focused directly on them). Other inclusions are much more subtle, such as the watch on bond’s wrist. He is an omega, and not a rolex. Omega became the associated brand – under payment – to the character, which even led to him starring in specific lines of dialogue in one of the previous installments. But even those questions that might seem more accidental, such as where the character is, are not: bond goes with his missions to places that have given advantages for filming (or that have directly paid for it).

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One of the italian towns that stars in a scene estimates that it. Will achieve a return of 12 million euros in associated income linked to tourism. This is what happened to burger king, as they remember in the. Analysis. It is the brand that came back from the dead. After having closed the previous decade in a low moment of reputation and image. It did so thanks to risky and fun advertising campaigns. But which connected very well with consumers. And the cultural moment. The company has been the queen of the viral year after year.Consumers have grown. Fed up with traditional television. And the “Usual” ways of consuming content. Which has created an almost incidental spin-off problem.

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