The 11 Types of Facebook Users

In the large family of Internet parodies, Facebook generally holds a good place. It must be said that this social network is a symbol in itself of many egocentric drifts, living clichés and behaviors that tend to look a lot alike. No matter what group of friends you hang out with, you find the same patterns and the same kind of characters. Worse, you risk finding yourself somewhere in this typology produced by Eatliver … But where? Here are the 11 most common types of Facebook users, I’ll let you take stock of your account. The hyena : never says anything except or MDR. The voyeur : never likes, never comments, but reads everything and even refers to your statuses when you see each other.

In the Large Family of Internet Parodies


The rooster : thinks he has a mission, to say hello to his Facebook friends every morning. Mr/Mrs popular : has 4537 friends but we don’t know why. The player : spends his days on Farmville, Mafia War and other social games. The Emo : hates his life and spends his time posting Canada Phone Number List depressing statuses. The promoter : constantly sends you invitations to events you will never go to. The thief : steals the statuses and photos of others to put them on his timeline. The Drama Queen : always complains, always has worries, but never specifies what it is. The reporter : always describes what is needed and with whom he does it. Even if we don’t care. The liker : never says anything, but likes everything that moves.

Facebook Generally Holds a Good Place

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After a song dedicated to Facebook disqualified from Eurovision and many other more or less glorious attempts to rhyme clip and social networks, it’s Dan Bull’s turn to rap on Facebook. We had already had the right to the anthem of the SEOs, to that of the developers , to a dedication to the entrepreneurs … Decidedly, hip hop is inspired by the web, or rather the reverse. In this clip, we are entitled to all the usual clichés on Facebook, from profile photos to advertisements through updates that are useless and social games. We will note all the same a small delay in the ignition concerning 600 million registered while we are at 900 million, that’s the problem when the numbers go too fast. The clip is in any case nicely animated and the result is quite effective. So, are you hooked?

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