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Already know that many symptoms of my body are due to obesity. And i need to lose weight. But i don’t know how to lose weight. The first marketing problem that marketers. Have to solve for users of this type is to say solutions and products . For example, when advertising and marketing. Users who want to lose weight, tell the user that the most suitable. Solution for Brazil Phone Number the user who wants. To lose weight is to find a fitness coach; then tell the user what is the biggest. Selling point of your gym and why the coach. In your gym is very suitable the user. Therefore, for problem users, the marketing. Problem that needs to be solved is to tell the solution and the product. Not to tell the user what the cause of the problem is.

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Who have reached this demand awareness. Stage have entered the stage of product locking. And the conversion rate of purchasing products is relatively high. The needs awareness stage of this type of target users is that they know. Their own Brazil Phone Number questions and answers, they don’t know what products. They should use, and they are in the process. Of searching for products . For example, i know that my skin is often. Too oily and i need to use skin care products, but i don’t know what brand of skin care products to use. For this type of users, the marketing problem. That marketers need to solve should be. To name your product and its unique selling point. That is, why is it enough for the target user to choose this product? For example, skin care products. Well-known brands include estee lauder and chanel, etc.

Why Do Users Brazil Phone Number

Brazil phone number
Brazil phone number

Choose your brand products? For example, your skin care products are. Very effective for oily skin, are genuine, and are more favorable. Than other brands of skin care products. The same is true for the gym example mentioned above. Some target users have already solved the problem. At the stage (for example, they plan to choose a personal training. In the gym to Brazil Phone Number help lose weight). At this time, there is no need to emphasize the method and plan, but should tell the user. Why is your gym suitable for him. For example, is the personal trainer in your gym the most professional. Of all the gyms in the area or some other selling point, etc. Therefore, in the face of search-type users. Who know their own questions and answers, but still don’t know what product they should use. And are in the process of searching for products

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