Testimonials: They Were Recruited Thanks to Their Online Presence

We talk a lot about online presence, digital identity, e-reputation… as factors that can facilitate job search. But what is it exactly? As part of our discussion of the month on digital identity . The opportunity to see how, concretely, its online activity can lead to a job. Our interviewees also have some very good advice for you, if you want to follow in their footsteps! A big thank you to all the people who kindly agreed to testify. Sectors and tools concerned It’s not a big news. When looking for a job in communications, especially on the Web. Having a good online presence is effective. Without exception, the people who answered our questions are community managers responsible for communication, web marketing, SEO…

Sectors and Tools Concerned


We launched our call for testimonials on Twitter, the medium used explains this over-representation. in the first place But when you have a job like community manager, finding a job Bulgaria Phone Number List through social media is “ finally quite logical ”, recalls J. In this sense, Thibaud’s various experiences are interesting: he managed to find different internships and jobs thanks to his online presence, and the supports were different according to the positions targeted. Viadeo and LinkedIn thus allowed him to be approached mainly by SMEs. While Twitter brought him contacts in the field of social media, whether agencies or advertisers. Natural referencing being my favorite field.

Online Presence: an Ally for the Job Search

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Bulgaria Phone Number List


I managed to position my site correctly on a few interesting keywords.  This without really working on the acquisition of backlinks. But with a site that was a priori correctly optimized and coded. My manager found me through a Google search.

The people we interviewed noted several advantages.  Nathalia points out: they have been for her a “ means of interpersonal communication ”. Candidates and recruiters are more on an equal footing, or at least they can be in contact relatively easily.

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