Testimonial: the Importance of the Internship for a Young Graduate

Internships are a very important element for young graduates. They are in fact their first real professional experience and can be useful on many levels. Well chosen, they bring competence and knowledge of the business world. Done well, they allow you to build a network and why not get your first job within the company. Better, they can help to form a vision of his job and guide his career choices. The internship determines entry into working life and can bring a lot to students… The proof with this testimony from Clément Benoist, who explains to us how his various internships led to his reflection on his professional wishes and to refining his project. Thanks to him for this contribution to our Debate of the month on the integration of young graduates ! ! Do you want to testify too? Do not hesitate to contact us. First of all, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

First of All, Can You Introduce Yourself in a Few Words?


In a few words, I would say that I am a lucky young man who carries out a professional activity that motivates and fascinates him. Indeed, I am (only) 23 years old and I am still studying, in a Master’s degree in Digital Communication Strategy at the IGC Formatives Mexico Phone Number List school in Rennes. My professional activity that I carry out is carried out via a professional contract that I managed to get following an internship in the BOITAMO innovation and development agency. I have been Community Manager in Basse-Normandie, more precisely in Caen, for almost 2 years. Why did you take your course? To be perfectly sincere, bordering on naive, I really liked what my father still does, that is to say being in contact with customers, selling his projects, his products. Therefore, I turned to a BTS Communication, then a DEES Communication to finally get to the Master.

Why Did You Take Your Course?

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All in all, a classic and very straight course, despite a year of study break between the BTS and the DEES to live a few months in London and enjoy. I say this in order to clarify that stopping these studies for a year does not make our course a failure and that ready-made sentences like: “ You will see, it will be difficult for you to resume after your sabbatical year… have no value in the face of our motivation. There is no instruction manual, no ideal curriculum. You just have to find your way and once on the right track, for my part, I very quickly got a taste for the world of work! Have the internships that you have been able to carry out reinforced (or not) you in your professional project? I did three internships during my studies. The first at the headquarters of Assédic de Basse-Normandie, in the communication department. I appreciated this first contact with the professional environment, but there was still no connection with my own objectives.

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