Student Success on Etsy

Julie and Cody teach these materials through video lessons. There is also a written summary below each video in case you want to review or read the lesson highlights. These videos are very helpful! They show you how to use some graphic design tools so you can follow along easily. The success stories of students taking the E-Printables course are proof.

Registration and Other Questions

These are just a few testimonials from past students who have successfully started their own Etsy print shop on Etsy. Sasha is an accounting professional by day. She started selling budgeting tools and printable Germany WhatsApp Number List trackers at her Etsy store to earn extra cash. Jen started creating prints in the wedding space, and her Etsy shop has now brought in over 1,400 sales from her store called Edenwood Paperie. Jennifer makes super fun icebreaker games for sale on her Etsy store, including journals and calendars. So far, her sales have exceeded 300 pieces.

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If you thought it would be a good idea to start your own Etsy store to sell prints, you can learn more about the EPrintables course here . This course is only open for enrolment at certain times of the year. When it opens, you’ll want to take the chance! Make sure you join the Germany WhatsApp Number List waitlist to be notified on the upcoming registration day. Join thousands of people who have learned how to start and grow a profitable blog. Sign up for free tips below and get started today!

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