Star Wars Day: 20 Parodies and Diversions

Many don’t know it, but today we (unofficially) celebrate Star Wars. May 4 is indeed dedicated to the saga of Georges Lucas, but why? Because “ May the 4th be with you ”…. In order to celebrate Yoda, Chewbacca, Anakin and the others, here are 20 must-have Star Wars resources that we’ve been really enjoying lately: Let’s start at the beginning when it comes to parody: cats. This video courtesy of  pleclere features cats in a lightsaber duel (and more). An entire program ! Cross-stitch Star Wars characters? It’s at Etsy, and it’s very pretty! See also, Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, Big Bang Theory… Star Wars cross stitch characters Rebecca Black is a young singer responsible for a clip with questionable taste in 2011

The Star Wars Title Generator


Many parodies of her song have circulated, that of Star Wars is particularly successful… via the Journal du geek Brandon Peat, illustrator, wanted something original to decorate his son’s room. So he made this very beautiful Star Wars alphabet, where each letter is represented by one Denmark Phone Number List of the characters from the saga. Brandon Peat’s Star Wars Alphabet Star Wars is a constant source of inspiration for infographics! You will therefore be able to know everything about the Death Star in one image, find out what job you would do in Star Wars, discover the secrets of the business generated by the empire of Georges Lucas … In 1983, Atari made this clip to promote a Star Wars video game . Amazing… On Flickr, Slaterman23 exhibits his hijackings of film or series posters, all in pixels. He devoted a lot of his works to Star Wars.

Brandon Peat’s Star Wars Alphabet

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Denmark Phone Number List


Attractive ! The “Star Wars starring you” Flash application created by Jib Jab will allow you to feature your friends in a short episode, by replacing the heads of the characters with their photos.. Worship! Seen at audio feeline When the Nous C Nous tackle the Star Wars myth, of course, it’s funny. And it’s called Star Wars. The advertising world is eyeing a lot of geeks. Sometimes with success, as in this Vokswagen advertisement featuring a choir of dogs singing the theme of the Georges Lucas saga… Funny! This animated short is really excellent. Entitled Sub Wars, it adapts the atmosphere of Star Wars to the subway, finally especially the lightsaber side. Next time, you will leave room for the elderly. To end on a happier note, here is Chewbacca as a reggae singer. Just that… It’s short, but it’s good!

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