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Consumers connect with those ads the analyzes prove it and make. It clear that consumers already connect much better with advertising that represents .A world that resembles the one in which they live. The latest to point in this direction has been a study by. The female quotient, in collaboration with google and ipsos, which, based on a sample of american consumers. Has tried to understand the importance of diversity in advertising.

Their data makes it clear that, in general, consumers are more inclined to buy those products whose ads show a diverse and inclusive reality. On average, 64% of respondents acknowledge that they take “Some type of action” (from buying, considering the brand or investigating it further) after seeing these types of ads. Younger consumers are also Czech republic phone number positioned above the average. 77% of millennials and 76% of teenagers respond positively. A parallel to the reality in which they move the data is not exactly surprising. It stands to reason that, in a diverse world, consumers want to see that diversity reflected in the advertising of products that seek to connect with them.

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Especially if they themselves are part of one of those demographic groups that are considered part of that diversity. Analysts are clear, as they point out in the study’s conclusions, that consumers already expect that diversity to be transmitted in advertisements. And, as the conclusions of this study remind you, they are not the only ones who have reached these conclusions. A study by the alliance for inclusive and multicultural marketing and nbcuniversal also pointed out that those ads that manage to capture the diversity of the society they are aimed at also have the best data on effectiveness and impact.

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The most efficient ads are those that manage to function as a positive mirror of the society in which consumers move. Brand perception and brand recognition also increase in parallel. Therefore, and in conclusion, it is no longer just a question of ethics or morality for companies. Diversity in advertising is already crucial for direct sales as well. Therefore, modus operandi of the christmas ads was . A very exciting story was creating a dramatic crescendo from the beginning that already hit the viewer and ended with the final ending, which made the eyes fill with tears and the consumer empathize with that dramatic story.

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Therefore, the viewer was to cry and the key element of the story changed over the years. The stories changed – they became more sophisticated – and the basic messages too. It is not, in fact, surprising that the advertisement that made tears cry decades ago. The nougat advertisement that asked families to get together at parties. With its catchy “Come home, come back” tune. Therefore, way to a story about the loneliness epidemic, the one about the. Lottery from a few years ago, in which a lonely night shift worker ends up discovering. That he has a family of choice in his co-workers. Common to everything, year after year and decade after decade, was the appeal to the emotions.

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