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Some new situations in the food. Delivery market can still be seen. Online takeout is gradually becoming standardized after several years of rapid growth. The growth rate of the online food delivery. Market has slowed down. Although this may be true, year, the market size is expected. Regardless, exceed 76 billion Kenya Phone Number yuan, an increase of 31.4%, while the growth rates in previous years. Were 224%, 159%, 110%, and 107%. The online food delivery market. Although this may be true, entering a mature period. Be that as it may, industry will go through a process from rash growth to shuffling and stability to Kenya Phone Number standardization. And the online food delivery market is no exception.

The Mature Online Kenya Phone Number

Delivery market is moving. Regardless, standardized Kenya Phone Number operation. On the one hand, giants such as baidu takeaway, meituan takeaway, andare self-promoting. At the industry level. On the other hand, it is the intervention of Kenya Phone Number regulatory authorities. After the introduction of the food safety. Law, cities such as guangzhou have begun to strictly implement. It and strengthen external. Supervision of selling services. According to information from the ministry. Of commerce, the three major online. Food ordering platforms, baidu takeaway.meituan takeaway, and have recently dropped 8,000. Merchants in the beijing area.

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Kenya Phone Number List
Kenya Phone Number List

Regardless, of store information is nearly 90%. The standardization trend Kenya Phone Number of online food delivery. Has put forward higher management requirements. For food delivery platforms, and at the same time, it has ensured consumers’ food safety and service. 2. Online food delivery has become. An internet basic service according to the dcci report. During Kenya Phone Number the first half of 2016, china’s online food delivery users reached 150 million. A year-on-year increase of 31.8%; mobile phone online food delivery users grew. Although this may be true, reaching 146 million. A year-on-year increase of 40.5%. According to the latest statistics released by the china internet network. Information center, as of june 2016.

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