Social E-Commerce Merchants Grew Russia Phone Number

The scale of social e-commerce merchants grew rapidly. In 2016, the scale of merchants exceeded 10 million. By 2018, the market size is expected Russia Phone Number to exceed one trillion. It is expected that in the next three years, social e-commerce will. Be more than ten times the current scale. In recent years, social e-commerce has ushered Russia Phone Number in an explosion, and many platforms have begun to rise, such as diandianke, pinduoduo, mengdian, pinshang, caiyuanbao, etc. The traffic cost of traditional e-commerce. Is increasing year by year, forcing more and more small and medium-sized. Merchants to start flocking to social e-commerce. In the six months of development so far. The number of merchants on the renren e-commerce platform.

Has Increased by Russia Phone Number

Mengdian, another social e-commerce platform. Has achieved 1.5 million orders per day during the double tenth promotion this year; there are Russia Phone Number also social e-commerce platforms. On the first day of the 10.10 anniversary, the transaction. Volume of shangpinduoduo also exceeded 100 million. Many data show that Russia Phone Number a social e-commerce tide is changing. The current e-commerce form. Analyze the development law of social networks and establish. A brand moat that is different from the traditional the internet has connected countless computers around. The world, forming the most complex network to date; social networks have transformed each node. From a cold machine into a living person.

Studying the Characteristics Russia Phone Number

Russia phone number
Russia phone number

Therefore, of social networks will help. The development and application. Of social e-commerce. Stanley milgram, a psychology professor at harvard university. Created the Russia Phone Number six degrees of separation theory. The distance between Russia Phone Number you and any stranger is no more than 6. And you can know any stranger through. At most 6 people. According to this theory, each individual’s social. Circle continues to enlarge, eventually becoming a large network. On this theoretical basis, it is possible to carry out network. Social expansion through “acquaintances of acquaintances”. Specifically in the field of e-commerce applications. Renren e-commerce proposed the importance of the “width” and “depth. Of social networks for brands. To build competitive barriers.

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