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So it is very important to cultivate a good word. And your next bid and relevancy are also. Important to you, learn how to get in. Improve relevance 4 the above Jordan Phone Number two points. Not to say more, the basic things have been said a lot before, pay attention. To one point: unless you are rushing to download the list. Please Jordan Phone Number avoid an app to seize keywords with poor relevance. 5 mid- and late-stage relevance : click-through rate and. Click-conversion rate determine the later-stage relevance. So doing a good job of click-through rate and conversion rate (that is, download rate) is your must work.

Regarding Geographical Screening: Jordan Phone Number

For example, o2o type apps, real estate apps, etc., which city you cover, you can cover those. Cities with the construction plan, and users in other cities. Have no value in downloading. So you must pay attention to this. Time slot delivery Jordan Phone Number according to your own industry. And user behavior, which time slot search volume can be focused on, you can also. Observe the competitor’s delivery time. Period through the getword tool. 6 the quality of optimization determines. The direction of an app promotion. So when opening ads, we must be careful, careful. Analyze more data, organize Jordan Phone Number more ideas. Exchange and learn more, ads are constantly updated. And our thinking should also be constantly innovating .

Conversion Rate Optimization Jordan Phone Number

Jordan phone number
Jordan phone number

The conversion rate is the V download rate. In the app bidding advertisement. Which can be called the click download rate, and the background parameter is cr. 1. The meaning of optimization 7 earlier, we talked about adjusting the correlation. If the foundation is laid, it is definitely. Not possible to just click but not download. Therefore, the significance of optimizing. The conversion rate must be clear to everyone. Reducing costs and Jordan Phone Number increasing downloads. Are the core purposes. Of app promotion and marketing! 2. Factors that affect the conversion rate 8. What are the factors that affect the conversion rate. Of app downloads?

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