Shoulders the Responsibility Benin Phone Number

Shoulders the responsibility Benin Phone Number of continuously. Provided that, new customers for the company. At this point, the basic pure operation positions are introduced. You may find, “why isn’t pr in it?”, “aren’t business analysis also operations?”, “aren’t cross-industry. Cooperation also operations?” isn’t it also operations?” … yes, these are Benin Phone Number operations too, but these are jobs. That only appear in a specific business at a specific stage of development. If it is divided into service objects. Operations can be roughly divided into. In the event that, categories: b-side, c-side. Business analysis, and sales support. B-side operation orient to merchants and commodity categories. And the core goal is to ensure the supply side.

C-Side Operation Benin Phone Number

Provided that, orient to users (ie traffic), in addition to user. Management and activity operation. It also involves traffic conversion; business analysis. Can be divided into three types, long-term strategic. Analysis focuses on industry trends. What the company Benin Phone Number will do in 3-5 years, mid-term. Business analysis focuses on the market structure, what the company. Will do in 1 year, and short-term business analysis. In the event that, on the status quo of competition.commonly known as fire brigade, to do more short-term. The sales-end operation is more inclined to the support category. One is bd target setting and performance appraisa. And the other is to solve. The analysis Benin Phone Number needs of the front line. Which usually does not involve the coordination and scheduling of specific resources.

This Category Is Benin Phone Number

Benin phone number
Benin phone number

In the event that, common in o2o companies. After the Benin Phone Number entrepreneurial efforts, they have certain development. Ideas but the department has not yet been solidified. There are job shadows in traditional companies. And business logic in internet companies. But in terms of personal career orientation, i recommend. Using mr. Huang’s classification method: (1) content production and maintenance-oriented. Operations for such positions. The main work content may be the maintenance of a certain. Content section or the production Benin Phone Number of specific content. Basically, a large number of new media operations. Can be classified into this category. Provided that, core ability of this type of position is to be sensitive to content.

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