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Many companies have frozen, reduced or redirected their advertising investment. Which has caused the media to have already. Launched alerts about their precarious situation. For example, television is currently experiencing its audience peaks, but at the same time it is seeing advertising investment plummet. You just have to turn on the tv at any given moment to see that. The commercial breaks are shorter or less frequent and that. The weight of self-promos during them is quite high. And if the media have serious problems. Things are much more complicated for outdoor advertising.

After all, in many countries there can be no traffic on the streets. The confinement protocols reduce citizens’ trips abroad to a minimum. You can only go out to do basic and essential procedures. And if they only go out to the supermarket and buy bread. They are not going to stop to look at advertisements on marquees and on mopus. As they Mexico phone number out in a financial times analysis. If outdoor advertising was experiencing a resurgence, it is no longer. It is one of the advertising sectors that is suffering. The hardest blow, something that the industry has already seen for weeks.

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At the beginning of march, when few imagined. What was coming to europe, the ceo of one of the large outdoor advertising groups. Was already speaking, as the ft recalls , of a “Hysterical” reaction to the crisis. In the presentation of the results of his company in those days. They already announced that they changed their earnings forecasts. And that they could review them again and cut dividends. No specific forecasts, but expectations brutal a few weeks later. The amounts affected are already brutal. Analysts explain to the economic daily that the. General pause button has been pressed in the outdoor. Advertising sector and that investment in advertising is being cut.

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They are eliminating part of that 40,000 million dollars. That they thought to spend in 2020 on outdoor ads. There are no concrete figures yet on the impact. That the situation is having on outdoor advertising, although the next financial results of the giants. In that market will tell. Jcdecaux has already announced containment measures and. Has removed its latest economic forecast. In early march it announced that it expected a -10% impact on its turnover figures. Its ceo has assured that he foresees that the situation. Will be “Worse” than the crisis of 2008. Another indicator of the situation may. Be the share prices of these companies.

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Clear channel, another of the outdoor advertising giants. Has lost in one month 75% of the price of its shares on the stock market. In addition, analysts point out that a fifth of advertising investment. Is normally generated by sectors whose activity is heavily. Damaged by the coronavirus crisis, such as travel. If we add to this the fact that for many of these companies. Their hot spots are spaces such as airports (practically closed). And public transport spaces (little recommended). The impact is much better understood. Losses seem inevitable and the fact that the crisis will have consequences. In the field of outdoor advertising is unquestionable. That these companies will change how they do business. And their plans for the future seems to be expected.

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