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The general forecasts of advertising spending are that next year will bring growth, but it is not something that affects tv at least as much as it should. Once the olympic year is over, things will continue to slow down, albeit slowly. Emarketer estimates that tv will lose 1% per year in ad spend, which cumulatively will lead to it losing weight in the overall ad market. This is how it will reach that 2022 in which it will be less than a quarter of the advertising market.

Given that audiences are falling, emarketer analysts do not believe that television has room to maneuver to stop this decline. Why this data matters globally the data is focused on the us market and the percentages cannot be directly Cyprus phone number to other markets. However, the figures outside the us are not good either. For example, in spain, and according to data from infoadex, television advertising investment fell in the first nine months of 2019 by 6.3% compared to 2018. Advertisers are also allocating less money to television channels than usual.

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The united states was an advance guard of how things were going to change and it still is. The us market functions as a kind of first market in. Which changes are applied that will later reach other markets and. That european televisions will have to accept and for which they will have to prepare. It was the first in which vod ate up the linear television market. And also the first in which the streaming wars that competed for audiences started. Now it is the one that makes it clear what effects the change has for. Televisions and for their income from advertising.

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The other televisions in the other markets should take note to prepare their strategy.There have been several advertising trends that have changed how brand messages are constructed and that have opened the door to the appearance of new protagonists in advertising. One of the best examples is the popularization of female empowerment advertising. Women have come to occupy new roles in advertisements and brands and companies have begun to understand the negative impact of the stereotypes they used in their advertising on a societal level. Another great example is the representation of families in advertisements and, especially, the role of parents.

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These are taking a leading role in advertising and are achieving a representation. That goes beyond the ignorant father unable to change a diaper. Of course, all these changes have been by social changes and. Adjustments in what consumers were doing and expecting from day to day. At the same time, the prevailing tendency to expect brands to have priorities and principles. To have clear values ‚Äč‚Äčthat their customers can identify with and connect with. Has also impacted how advertising strategies have been . And, finally, an important element has led companies to make this decision to change. Ads have changed not only because consumers expect it to happen, but also because these new messages are powerfully profitable.

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